Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Christmas in July Sale

I just posted this on the front page of my website,

Can you believe it's July already? At this rate December 25th will be here before we know it! If you can see the Holiday Season peeping over the horizon, here's something to help put you in the mood -- an early Christmas present from me to you, The Cat Before Christmas for 99-cents on Kindle and Nook.

It's never too early to stir the embers of Christmas Spirit: kindness, love, and the joy of family and friends.

The Christmas in July sale runs through July 31st.

Do I hear jingle bells?

Why am I putting The Cat Before Christmas on sale? Two reasons. One, I love this story. I want everyone to read it and love it with me. Two, the economy sucks. I don't care what they say (or spin) in Washington, it sucks. Like you, I cringe when I pull up to the gas pump, I mutter about guns and masks as I push my cart through the grocery store.

We need a break, already! I can live without T-bone steak, but books -- never. So here's a sale to help ease the strain on your book budget. We're all in this together!

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Christine Novelo said...

Hi I noticed that you offer your book for 0.99 cent. Have you tried listing it on Cheap eBooks? They'll send out a press release when you list your book on their site. If you have time, check their site out: